Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let your inner nerd out!

So, I recently stumbled across the work of Morphologica who states that
"I am in the final stages of completing my PhD in neuroscience, and have created Morphologica to have a bit of fun with a normally serious subject.

During my research, I have discovered that science can be surprisingly beautiful- single cells viewed under a microscope, intricate networks of cells important for learning and memory, and even the curving structure of the brain itself.
I have tried to capture some of this beauty in the Morphologica pieces, focusing on the shape or morphology of a variety of subjects studied in neuroscience."

While I've been buried in my thesis work I was so thrilled to find more science related art to share with everyone! I hope you all love it as much as I do. It even utilizes laser cutting one of my favorite forms of technology. =)

Topping my wishlist currently are these Helical Symmetry double helix DNA Earrings in black

Great length and dangle which is just what you want in a pair of earrings!

Also I am loving this adorably sexy nerd necklace in black
I'm definitely a huge fan of the typeface used!

Also available in Geek

Be sure to check out her shop and the rest of her great work!

Take care all!

AND! Don't forget to submit work to the exhibition I am trying to get together!

Thanks all!

Monday, October 12, 2009

First Ever Melanie Lynn Design "exhibition"

Hello! I would like to do a bit of a juried exhibition here on my blog.
Ah do I have your attention now?
I would love to get all of you who see this to submit your best work.
The theme is "New Jewelry". I am looking for work that breaks the mold. Not just breaks it, shatters it.

Submit your work by emailing it to me at

Also I would love to offer a prize to the best in show! Perhaps a pair of earrings? Anyone else who would like to contribute something to give as a prize would be great!

I truly hope everyone submits!

Looking forward to this!

Deadline Nov.20

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whimsy and Delight

So today I am going to be sharing the work of a new friend of mine. His designs are playful, whimsical and definitely smile inducing. Tadashi Koizumi creates a myriad of wonderful little creatures, tiny people in their own world, integrating into our own as well.
His work is available at his etsy store, as linked above, and more can be seen at his website where he states about himself that he wants his work to inspire others to create.
And with work this playful, unique and inspiring, how could you not want to go pick up your hammers and torch?

Don't you want a little person in your life?

Tadashi and I are currently planning an art trade! I'm so excited to be able to make a piece for him and to have one of his works in return!

Keep in touch everyone =)