Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Feature

Every summer as I have more time on my hands [or at least I tell myself that] I return to my love of beading and bead work.

This first feature will focus on a few artists whose work I find beautiful and intricate.

Artist's are in no particular order, if they are here I love them, simple as that.

So the first artist I am honored to share with you all is Thewaughdrobe who's beautiful work can be found here.
Before I show her wonderful work here is a brief introduction selected from her profile:
"My background is in fashion design and manufacture and for 20 years I have worked for designers, been self employed and travelled the world.
I have always designed and made Clothing, Hats and Jewelry for women and children. For now Jewelry is my main focus on Etsy with a long term goal of adding clothes and hats.
It's always been my dream to have a store called "The Waughdrobe". My design label as "Kimberley Waugh" (pronounced War) leads perfectly to the play on words Waughdrobe (Wardrobe) meaning closet. I am delighted beyond belief to have realised my dream."

Aside from the fact the we both clearly share a true love of pearls and classic elegance, she also creates wonderful cluster rings that I think are fabulous!
Perfect for the summer time is her "Flower Fairy Pale Green Ring"
These rings are available in a variety of colors, be sure to check them out!

Additionally there is a wonderful price range in this shop allowing for great availability!
Another of my favorite pieces from Kimberley's shop is her Key to My Heart, Necklace and Earring Set

A Stunning piece, again including beautiful beadwork. I personally feel this would be a great piece of bridal jewelry, and the colors lend to a lovely vintage feel.

The next artist I have chosen for this first feature is PookieandPierre who does wonderfully intricate work that can be found here.
As a brief introduction to PookieandPierre I have selected this from her profile:

"My mother always told me to 'do what makes you happy'. Expressing my creativity makes me happy and gives me an opportunity to continue to honor her and share her beauty and spirit with others.
I truly dream about beads and colors and all of the wonderful combinations I can create. A little sparkle in my life brings a whole lot of joy!
By day, I am a busy executive who looks forward to arriving home at night to design and create new items. Making jewelry is both therapeutic and adds the balance I need in my life to stay somewhat sane in these challenging times!
Each piece is intricately handwoven and detailed. Each design is set against a peyote weave background which is developed prior to adding the accent beads. Pookie and Pierre earrings are truly a form of wearable art. These earrings are one of a kind and will make a statement. They are always a little fun, elegant, flirty and definitely full of color and life."

Also, as this is a cause very very close to my heart and my life, I find it so admirable that the majority of her proceeds go to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation to support the fight against breast cancer.

Of her many wonderful works I have selected two of my favorites:
Her lovely, delicate Pale Shimmery Pink and Pine Green Fairies in the Forest Earrings
are just what I love! Tiny works that pack in a huge amount of detail with new things to notice!

Additionally I also love them in the gorgeous Fall colors shown here: Cinnamon Apple Spice Earrings
These would definitely perk up any fall outfit!

So that is all for this feature! Please add me to your follows and check back often for new updates!


  1. Beautiful finds!! Love the second picture, and the earrings are really nice too.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring Pookie and Pierre. Love Thewaughdrobe feature as well!

  3. Thanks for allowing me to showcase your lovely work!