Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Night Feature-Assorted Styles

So this feature has no real theme, sorry guys, just wanted to take a few moments to display some beautiful work!

As usual the work is in no specific order!

First off I have the unique work of Ashtash who uses crochet, knitting and felting to create some great pieces! [And yes, I will admit it, I have been on a fabric kick lately!] Not only does she have a great sense of color coordination as shown here in this Olive-teal-brown necklace with flower but she also has some great depth and dimensionality!
Next up I love this Smart Beige necklace with 10 sea glasses which combines hard and soft media to create great contrast. This reminds me of coral and has a really great unique quality to it!
Definitely be sure to check out her shop for more info and great items!

The next artist I have for your this evening is Noadi, who I can honestly say has created some work like nothing I have seen before in jewelry. Looking for something truly out there? Check out this Bird Embryo Specimen Jar Necklace. Definitely something new and different!I love things that make people look twice and this definitely does!
She has a few other great embryo's on sale as well as a variety of other great polymer clay critters so be sure to check it out!
I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Check back later for more!