Saturday, July 18, 2009

Something a little different

Since I know I have a decent amount of artists following this blog, I'd love to reach out to all of you with a few questions.
I really hope some of you take the time to answer!

1. What is your chosen medium and what originally drew you to it?
2. When did you first decide that art was a necessary part of your life?
3. Has anyone inspired you in a drastic way? On the other side of this, has anyone tried to dissuade you from pursuing your work, how has that affected you?
and lastly
4. Are you currently in the process of trying to/ do you currently make a living off of your work?

If you wish post a link to your favorite piece =)
I will answer these for myself in an upcoming entry and I will repost some of my favorite responses with links to your sites.

Thanks everyone!


  1. My chosen medium keeps changing. It is whatever inspires me at the time. I love to combine unusual materials and usually encorporate some knits and rings. My signature is a crocheted grommet that is found on all my pieces. While living in Ireland, I started making jewellery from slate salvaged from Irish rooftops and handpainted - The Bua Collection.
    I am currently working on my Hardwear Collection which involves fine knits combined with washers, wingnuts etc...
    I travel quite a bit and often bring home interesting beads, yarns and findings. I once brought home a spool of fishing rope from a fishing supply store in Prague along with some Czech crystals of course.
    My friend Barbara Noble has been a real inspiration. She is the most creative person I know and always gives me ideas and encouragement.
    I find a mix of apathy and encouragement amongst my friends and family.
    I am currently not trying to make a living, but enjoying being creative and just like to my favourite inventions is my phone pull. I think it is just adorable and very useful too!
    Thanks Melanie and best of luck to recognized as being creative and unique.
    One of

  2. Sorry that got a bit garbled towards the end.

  3. Hi Melanie,
    I love your blog! I am new to the blog deal so forgive me if I do something wrong? I love to crochet which I learned to do when I was a child growing up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I picked it up again when my children were little (2 daughters) and crocheted baby booties first and then as they grew older I crocheted their dolls clothes to wear. Life got busy when my husband was transferred to Chicago, ILlinois in 1985 and I did a lot of volunteer work at the school. I began crocheting again when I quit smoking in 1989 and I needed something to do with my hands besides eating LOL It was then that I created my largest project to date which was a blanket for my king size water bed. It was huge and actually was able to drape over the sides of the waterbed. I still have it! Life got busy again when I moved to Muscatine Iowa and I worked at a great company doing computer support which I loved doing! It was unfortunate that I became disabled with fibromyalgia and arthritis as well as diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so I started the crocheting again. This time I crocheted a blanket for every one in the family for Christmas and everyone was so happy with their blankets that they suggested I sell some things to earn an income. I didn't know about the ability to sell online handmade items so I started selling crocheted hats, fingerless gloves, fun fur scarves (back in 1993) to fund raisers in the Quad Cities. I loved how happy the shoppers were to buy my creations and try the hats on. I miss this about the online business that I have started this year because I spend a lot of time online and don't get the face to face with my customers and see the joy on the daughter of someone as she walks off proudly wearing her new hat or fun fur scarf! It has not been easy to balance this online crochet business but I am hoping that when the colder weather comes along I will be able to start selling some more of my crocheted hats and I still haven't listed a warmer pair of fingerless gloves that I make that are unique (hoping these will sell as well online as at the local sales) The fingerless gloves 6 years ago were not seen around here in the stores so I really received a great response to them then but now they are available everywhere so it isn't as easy to come up with a unique design for them? I am working on it though. I love to crochet and I am blessed with daughters that encourage me to keep on going and that is something that I am grateful for! I am grateful to my mother that taught me to crochet and for my daughters that encourage me still!! I have had some sales onmy Etsy store and some feedback that is very great to receive!!! :-) My Etsy shop is at Well I love your art and I am happy that I ran across your blog! It is pretty amazing! How long have you been working on this?
    Sorry off topic :-( Thanks for letting me share this love for crocheting and the hopes tha I can make an income since I am disabled and cannot work outside of my home! Joni :-)