Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jewelry Made with Non-Traditional Materials

Any of you who have seen my work you may know that I enjoy exploring things a little out of the norm as far as materials go! In this feature I will be exploring and showcasing the work of a few people who make jewelry or jewelry elements out of less traditional materials such as fabrics, clays and plastics. I feel it is very important that as a new generation of jewelers we continue to explore what jewelry is and what jewelry can be and change the stereotype of what one thinks of when one hears the word "jewelry".

Here we go!
And remember, artist's are in no particular order, if they are here I love them, simple as that. [the amount of personal information represented has to do with the amount available to me from the artist, this is also not a show of favoritism. :-) ]

I just stumbled across an artist who possesses a quirky, innovative sense of design that reminds me very much of my own aesthetic. Frankideas states of her work that
"frank ideas still sums up what my design ethos is all about – simple straight forward and a little off beat.I like to explore design and colour, resulting in a bold range of jewellery that is wearble art. I design what I want to wear; hopefully it will appeal to you as well!

I love the idea of taking something and turning it into something else –whether it’s vintage buttons into necklaces and cuffs or rubber and wool into necklaces and bracelets. I like to recycle but I also like to adapt. I guess I’m interested in thinking outside the square."

Forget about "green being the new black" up-cycling is definitely a great thing when it comes to jewelry as it pushes people to look past the norm and create something new just like this glorious piece Red and Black Felt Poppies/ Flowers on Black Rubber Necklace
The colors pop and the three-dimensional feel to this piece is truly vibrant!

Additionally I am really attracted to this versatile Red Felt Beads and Black Rubber Necklace
I love that the beads are at all different positions creating a great asymmetrical feel!

Although polymer clay has been around quite a while it is always great seeing what new items people are coming up with! I recently had the pleasure of viewing the work of Linsart

The first item in her shop that I spotted was Polymer Ready to Wear Sun and Moon Pendant TSMP2, that I could see looking beautiful either on its own or amidst other beads and jewelry elements in a striking neck piece!
Her attention to color and blending is truly beautiful and comes together really nicely in this new take on a classic motif.
Additionally she has a great many faces such as this one that would make wonderful brooches!

I love the detailing in the makeup and eyes as well as in the blending of colors in the head wrap! Definitely a fun quirky accessory! It'd be really neat to see pictures of items people have made using these wonderful components as well, so if anyone invests and makes something fabulous definitely post a link here!

Next I have chosen the work of Waywardradish who incorporates traditional embroidery into earrings in an incredibly detailed meticulous manner!
I love how much detail she packs into a small area! Of her work I think my favorite pair of earrings are Golden Cluster the needlework is impressive and the colors are understated and beautiful.
She has wonderful works in brighter colors as well! These Pink Popsicles are so beautiful! [The actually remind me of cupcakes! Which is definitely a great thing] I think these earrings are a wonderful springtime or summertime accessory! A great splash of color with a lot of intricate beautiful detail! I had to share this beautiful close up with you all:

More to come soon! Please check back often as I share more beautiful work and talented artists with you!


  1. WOW!! Those are really great! Love the rubber necklace with the felt beads.

  2. Thanks! I hope good things come to all the artist's I've shown here!

  3. Love the unique variety of jewelry you found!

  4. Thanks for featuring my work on your blog, Melanie! I have linked your blog and Etsy items on my blog too.
    Best to you !

  5. Melanie,

    Thanks for following me on Twitter! I just love the things that you have posted here!!! Did you create all of these yourself? I see you have an Etsy shop? How long have you been on Etsy? I love handmade and it is so great to be able to use the interet to do it! I don't understand the linking of blogs to blogs? I need to get a blog going but who has the time? Good bluck with all your ventures! Joni :-)

  6. Joni-Work shown in these entries belongs to the artists whose names are listed =) I have been on Etsy for a few months now! It's a great place!

    All the best,


  7. Hey Melanie, Go to my blog, there is an award there for you !