Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Feature

I wanted to share with you the lovely work of LiciaBeads.
She creates wonderfully unique work using traditional techniques.
For instance I love this quirky Toilet Paper on your Neck piece which features traditional beading in a design I have never seen before out of beads!
Matching earrings are available, as are many other great works!

Additionally Licia also creates some wonderful pieces using the technique of wire wrapping to create intricate delicate pieces of work such as this Adorning Peridot necklace

Be sure to check out her shop for more of her elegant works and quirky styles.

While I am still on this beading kick, I would love to share with you the work of an artist I found a few years ago who has taken beading to another level entirely. Liza Lou beaded an entire kitchen. Yes you read that right, the whole thing, a full scale kitchen, right down the dirty dishes in the sink. Five years of work went into this magnificent piece. Check it out below!

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