Friday, July 24, 2009

Innovative Wedding Rings

I'm going to begin by sharing one of my all time favorite jewelers with you. Gerd Rothmann is most famous for his fingerprint jewelry which is personalized to the wearer, and from that comes this amazing set of wedding bands, since I saw them first 3 years ago I have had them on my long term wish list. Each wearer wears the ring bearing their partners fingerprint, as no two fingerprints are ever alike, no two rings will ever be alike.
[Picture credit to which is also one of my favorite galleries]

On that note I have recently found an Etsy artist, FlawlessArt, who also creates wonderfully unique wedding bands.
Up first is this exquisite Mokume Gane Wide Wedding Ring
Mokume Gane is a wonderful technique that developed in 17th century Japan. Meaning "wood eye metal" this ring shows wonderful texture and movement as well as great skill. This would be a beautiful ring for any couple's wedding day.
For more on Mokume Gane please check out this page

Last but not least Flawless's shop also contains this beautiful Fine silver cross examination ring
As a wedding band I feel that this has a great theme of being "woven together"

Great detail without being overly flashy, perfect for a ring one will be wearing everyday!

Check back soon for more artists!


  1. Thank you Melanie ,great post,beautiful wedding rings.

  2. Wow, The rings were so attractive and beautiful. I love wearing rings especially Tungsten Ring which is my favorite metal.

  3. thanks for the comments guys!