Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tattoo Culture and Jewelry

As a lifelong fan of body art and modification, the work of Orangyredink brought an instant smile to my face.
Orangyredink who has been
"an artist since I could hold a crayon, and was really hooked ever since my mom held my first gallery show by taping my colored pages along the hallway. I am just addicted to the visual."
These works, delicately painted works on hard plastic, contain so much beautiful color and have a classic, old school ink feel that is truly classic! These beautiful pieces possess a wonderful sense of whimsy and tradition.
First off, this piece definitely caught my eye including Swallows Protecting Locked Sacred Heart Tattoo Necklace which combines classic elements with a huge burst of color.

These pieces lay wonderfully on the body just the way a tattoo would.
This piece, Stewed Screwed and Tattooed also definitely catches the eye and is sure to make a statement!
Packed with wonderful details, imagery and color!
Last but definitely not least, I have always had a love of vintage style red cherries, and this piece, Big Bangin Knotty Cherry Necklace, has become a new favorite of mine.
The highlights and shadows are a really great touch, making the colors even richer.
Definitely check out her shop for more wonderful work!


  1. What a beautiful Blog! :) Thank you Melanie, 'tis an honor...:) Anything, anytime! Thanks, Erin a.k.a...Orangyred Ink....:)

  2. Those are so cool! Boy I wish I was younger to be able to wear that sort of thing.

  3. I want the first necklace. Is totally marvellous!