Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Laser Cutting

So, any of you who are familiar with my work [visible to your right in my] know that I am a huge fan of laser cutting and working in acrylic.
I have chosen today to share with you the beautiful work of Isette, a fellow artist who has made use of this new technology to create wonderful pieces.
Isette states:
"I am inspired by the world around me. And I am fortunate that the world around me includes a 100+ year old museum collection that I'm given free reign over and a typography obsessed graphic designer husband. Design and Victoriana meet here, with a splash of whimsy."
Her inspirations definitely show in her beautiful work!
Now to share a few of my favorite pieces from her shop:
First I adore this elegant Mane Necklace
Beautiful curves and flowing lines, definitely some of my favorite things! I love the movement of this piece and the black is a perfect compliment to the feel of the design.
Next up is this quirky, imaginative Spectacles Ring.
The nerd in me is giddy just looking at this ring! Simple yet different, once again possessing a wonderful quality of line movement.
Last but definitely not least these Eclipse Earrings that show off some wonderful engraving which definitely pops against the black background! These would be a wonderful compliment to any elegant outfit.

Lots more great work available at her store, so be sure to check it out!

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